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Jonathan Hatch


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Jonathan is a senior financial services and technology lawyer with experience in compliance, in-house legal and regulatory roles with a focus on technology and academic aspects in this area. He is experienced in applying existing laws to, or reformed laws for, new regimes and has advised on a wide range of financial services and associated areas related to the application of new technologies or regulatory regimes in response to innovation such as sandboxes or innovation support functions like Innovation Hubs.

From working in the ASIC Innovation Hub Jonathan has covering areas from roboadvice, crowd funding or regtech right through to Crypto Asset work, such Initial Coin Offerings & DLT guidance, or even the application of Artificial Intelligence & data solutions in financial services and beyond. Outside of his work in the ASIC Innovation Hub Jonathan also teaches at London School of Economics and Political Science, RMIT and Sydney University with law, business, economics schools across AI technologies, automation, data and DLT.