RegTech Capital Markets Conference – 28 Feb 2017

About the event

In July 2016, JWG hosted a RegTech Capital Markets Conference. The day was a resounding success as participants from across the industry converged to discuss the future of RegTech and how it can provide a new path to safety for managing regulatory obligations. One of the key takeaways was the firm belief of the attendees that technology is the future of regulatory compliance, but that current efforts need to be fostered through collaborative and open discourse. JWG is committed to helping the regulators and the market so, off the back of 2016’s achievement, we will be hosting a larger conference on 28 February 2017.

With over 25 banks as members of our special interest groups, and an extensive global network, we guarantee an audience that includes top tier firms and some more interesting players you may not yet have met, plus the opportunity to hear from other regulators and to keep an eye on how the new entrants are positioning themselves in this hot new landscape.

Manage regulatory reform better:

  •   Understand how regulatory technology is redefining the way firms are managing their obligations and how this can be leveraged to create smarter compliance strategies
  •   Establish leading practices with regulatory SMEs and 200+ director-level professionals from over 40 leading investment firms from the sell-side and buy-side
  •   Address issues head-on and validate decisions through panels, case studies and roundtables chaired by heads of departments.