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Digital data surgery – will the patient survive?

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Regulators have begun the process of operating on the data backbone which underpins effective financial sector supervision. New consultations for integrated reporting combined with wholesale market infrastructure tune-ups has created an environment where ‘top down’ risk data aggregation may even meet ‘bottom up’ transactional reporting. Massive data fines and even a cease and desist order has triggered a hard look at firms’ data strategies as BCBS 239 and TRIM seem like last decade’s news. What have we learned and what will get the patient up and running most quickly?

Regulatory Challenges
  • Citigroup cease and desist orders here
  • BIS From data reporting to data-sharing: how far can SupTech and other innovations challenge the status quo of regulatory reporting? here
  • EC supervisory data strategy here
  • EBA 430C: feasibility on integrated reporting here
  • Global dictionary challenges: CPMI/IOSCO, ECB BIRD, Bana d ‘Italia PUMA and APRA connect
  • JWG  and Bank of England data collection findings and 2021 global DRR action plan materials
  • JWG research: RRDS 27 Core Sup/RegTech reporting infrastructure minutes
  • JWG DRR and RRDS progress update here
New RegTech/SupTech drivers
  • Expanding the concept of technology to include language
  • Simplification of data collection requirements
  • Shared SupTech/RegTech reporting core platform requirements
  • Operationalising granular data sharing
  • Global derivatives digital regulatory reporting here 
  • DRR – tipping point 2021 here
  • BIS FSI Insights on policy implementation No 29 From data reporting to data sharing here