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What have we learnt about RegTech?

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JWG has been championing RegTech since 2011. The sector is growing up quickly as standards mature and collaborative pathways are proven. There are real, concrete examples of ‘what good looks like’ which sets a pathway for private utilities, application vendors and the standards community to have tools ready for firms to comply with the next round of reforms. What have we learnt from RegTech successes and how will they help chart the course?

Regulatory Challenges
  • IMF working paper on challenges faced by supervisors
  • UK digital regulation here
  • EU Parliament AI and digital tools in workplace management and evaluation here
  • WEF Regulatory technology for the 21st century here
  • HKMA regulatory technology in AML here
  • IOSCO innovation facilitators here
  • BIS big techs vs banks here
  • UK-Japan financial regulatory forum here
  • EBA benefits, challenges and risks of Regtech in the EU here
New RegTech/SupTech drivers
  • JWG Analysis: RegTech for clean controls here
  • Golden-source libraries of regulatory obligations (Regdelta)
  • Industry protocols for interpreting requirements (DRR)
  • Common domain models to digitize the trade lifecycle (CDM here)
  • JWG analysis – The rise of digitally native compliance here
  • RegCast: Digitizing Compliance‚Äôs many dashboards here
  • RegCast: TegTech from Horizon to controls here
  • RegCast: Digital Compliance here