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In considering an integrated European reporting framework we have found that a new approach to global regulatory data observation is fundamental to the fulfilment of Supervisory mandates in a digital age. Insights gained from a shared, common view of risk data across the industry will enable regulators to perform their job in the timeframes required while enabling the industry to innovate more effectively and achieve better outcomes for consumers. JWG research shows DRR is finally at a tipping point as firms mobilise to execute on the Digital Regulatory Reporting Agenda. Where are regulators in their journey and do we understand the targets?

Regulatory Challenges
  • JWG BoE data collection findings and 2021 action plan agenda here
  • JWG Core Sup/RegTech reporting infrastructure here
  • JWG CRR2 Integrated Reporting System minutes here
  • Global Derivatives DRR programme here
New RegTech/SupTech drivers
  • EMIR Refit/ CFTC