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Aldermore Bank

About the Company

Aldermore, the good bank.

We were born out of a financial crisis; drawn to the plight of UK small and medium sized businesses, homeowners, landlords, savers and vehicle owners – helping them through some tough times. We were determined to redefine the role of banking and open-up the world of finance for our customers.

We’ve stayed true to this idea. We still champion equality. 

Today, once again, and now part of the FirstRand Group, we’re facing huge challenges both in society and in our economy. Finance is rapidly changing; people are expecting more, and technology is transforming services. At the same time, the number of people who don’t conform to the way banks usually do business is growing. So, how do these people find funding to fulfil their hopes and dreams?

Answering this need is nothing new for us. We turn problems into opportunities and help those that others turn their backs on. How? By lending the money people save with us, to the majority who aspire to get on in life, building businesses, buying property and purchasing important assets such as vehicles, trucks and machinery. We support the exceptions to the rule, looking for ways to say yes, rather than no, focusing on peoples’ future potential. Being fairer, more inclusive and making finance work for good.

That often means helping to get a business started, to invest and grow a venture or to create jobs. It also means supporting people to get a home or a vehicle, have some security, to create memories or a legacy for their family. Whoever we’re supporting, we don’t exploit – we back people to help them fulfil their hope and dreams by getting money to where it’s needed, making our whole economy prosper.

That’s shared value.

It’s always made us stand out from our competitors. It’s made us money, saved us money, attracted and kept great people. It’s how we create a compelling customer experience and do good for the UK’s economy and society.

We’re proud that we challenge the status quo. Proud of the positive difference we get to make to peoples’ lives. Proud to create hope and certainty. Proud to be here for our customers when they need us.

Aldermore. Backing you.