Speaker Profile
Carmen Barandela

Senior Manager: RegTech, Data and Innovation – Bank of England

About the Speaker

Carmen is a senior manager in the RegTech Data and Innovation Division in the Prudential Regulation Authority in the Bank of England. She has over 15 years’ experience in Technology and holds and MBA and a MSc in Computer Science.

Carmen started her career in Nuclear Physics Research. For over a decade she collaborated with Physicist and Engineers looking for the Higgs Boson by developing cutting edge applications to process the data that finally detected the patterns that led to the Higgs discovery.

After relocating to the UK, she joined the Technology department in the Bank of England, where she led the first big data projects done in the organization.

After 5 yeas in Technology, Carmen was part of a new team that evaluated the technological feasibility of the digital pound, where Carmen led the work on designing an API layer that could enable the settlement of digital pound transactions.

In January 2023 Carmen joined the RegTech Data and Innovation Division where she is responsible for the RegTech strategy delivery. Carmen is also responsible for driving the external engagement with other organizations to gain a better understanding of the developments in the Data and RegTech space.