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Digitalisation of capital markets?

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Cries for faster, better, and cheaper access to financial services by millions of investors have shaken the markets this year.  MiFID II’s market infrastructure and post trade transparency regime is being rethought on both sides of the channel while new SEC and CFTC rules are debated. Digitalisation will be key to establishing market trust and confidence with new trading rules, transparency, testing and reporting obligations. What will be the impact of rewiring the markets to accommodate digital demands?

Regulatory Challenges
  • RegCast 7: Democratizing markets here
  • TSS 24: Digital accountability in a democratized finance sector
  • RegCast 3: Digital roars and new regulatory frameworks
  • European Commission CMU/ MiFID III priorities
  • UK Regulatory Framework: Mansion House speech here,  UK Wholesale markets review here, TIGRR here
  • US trading regulatory agenda shifts here
  • $920 Million market abuse fine and EU Testing requirements“ (RTS 7, Article 10, 1)
  • Reference data/ pre-post trade transparency: EU data governance act here, UK market data consultation here
New RegTech/SupTech drivers
  • Balance between retail investor protection and retail access
  • Equity, OTC and Commodities venues, SI, Best execution, pre-post trade transparency
  • Post trade transparency and reasonable market data commercials  / consolidated tape
  • Market testing of algorithms and monitoring disorderly behaviour
  • Trade and transaction reporting and identifiers
  • Green Finance – TCFD disclosures