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Regulated / Regulator / Technology Priorities wrap-up

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About the Session

2022 will be another critical year for RegTech and SupTech as new regulatory deadlines loom, businesses digitize and solutioning from the marketplace evolves. Effective solutions require strong planning and co-ordination to chart a course for the infrastructure that marries current and future priorities. What are the key takeaways from 2021 and how should leaders think about charting their future course? 

Regulatory Challenges
  • The evolving regulatory landscape
  • Standards
  • Vendor assessment
  • Ecosystem collaboration
  • Future state architecture targets
New RegTech/SupTech drivers
  • Key takeaways from Day 1 and Day 2: #digitalcompliance #digitalintegrity #digitalriskcontrol #drr (overview here)
  • Public sector initiatives and trade association priorities
  • Standards efforts